Skoshi Tiger, Inc.
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Under the Striped Umbrella

Skoshi Tiger is composed of several different divisions. The following divisions will be created in the first phase of development.


The home office of Skoshi Tiger, Inc,. is planned to open in either Denton, Texas, or Santa Fe, New Mexico as soon as the green light is given.

This office will oversee all business and project management. These locations were chosen with ready access to all United States’ projects in mind. From either location, any project can be reached within three hours by jet.

The office will be equipped with state of the art internet services for transmission of documents and data instantly to project locations and will maintain constant communication with involved parties.

If Skoshi Tiger commences operation in foreign countries, branch head offices will be opened to accommodate the work and to liaise with local officials. All divisions will operate on an autonomous basis, reporting weekly to headquarters.

Burning Bright Public Relations:

This office will manage all public relations, advertising, and in-house publications of Skoshi Tiger. It will be responsible for all inter-division conferencing and communication. It will also manage staging of company meetings and outreach events.


This is the security division which will manage internal and external company protection and risk amelioration. It will be managed from the home office which will keep close contact with individual teams at the work sites and with personal security of key employees. Coupling high tech surveillance with personal observation, this service will also maintain inventory controls at all sites.

Led by experienced law enforcement retirees and recruits, these people will ensure safety and legal oversight necessary to large scale operations.

Skoshi Tiger Aero Resources:

The aero arm of the company will be staffed by highly qualified pilots, mechanics, and support personnel who will enable agile movement of key employees to different locations. The division will also provide for outreach programs such as moving ambulatory patients (space/time available) for treatment on a gratis basis.

White Tiger:

This is the medical division, equipped to do on site testing for drugs, physicals, examinations, and health evaluations. Housed at the home office, this division will oversee on site emergency medical personnel and staff nurses, and it will conduct tours of installations to check site conditions. If the need arises, the home team will investigate accidents or other occurrences at locations.


Pantera is the electronics research and development division which will design and produce computerized photographic and record keeping products for the project. It will also work with outsourced companies to develop alternative power sources custom designed for the sites. This division will further recruit and develop talent from universities or other suppliers.

Tiger Cub:

This division will recruit and train apprentices in the trades. As opposed to internships, the apprenticeship program will pay wages to unskilled labor as training commences. This program will actively seek self-motivated individuals who can train at their own speed, and it will promote on a merit basis.

Proposed Acquisitions:

Skoshi Tiger has already begun negotiations to acquire the following company types:

Range production, targeting, backstop production, heavy equipment. Since the nature of the negotiation is sensitive, the companies being sought will not be listed here. 


Web Hosting Companies