Skoshi Tiger, Inc.
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project staging

Project Staging:

To be expanded with names as projects proceed.

Phase One:

The minute the contract is let, Skoshi Tiger will set about preparation on the project. The following may occur concurrently, in a lateral fashion, rather than linearly. It is expected that this phase will immediately (within 30 days) employ 600 to 1200 individuals either as direct hires or subcontractor hires, depending on the scope of work.

This phase is composed of land recon, preparation, and preliminary design. Company set up and management protocols will occur, and communications shakedown tests will be performed.

1.      Site designation;

2.      Home office hires:

a.       Office staff;

b.      Accounting staff;

c.       Legal staff;

d.      Security (home office, personal);

e.       Public relations staff;

f.        Transportation staff;

g.       IT personnel;

h.       Human resources staff;

i.         Liaison personnel.

3.      Design hires:

a.       Architectural firms;

b.      Engineering firms;

c.       Computer assisted design techs.

4.      Surveying companies.

5.      In house estimators.

6.      On site security.

7.      Expediting firm.

Phase Two:

Once the initial surveys and topographical plats have been accomplished, evaluation as to further engineering requirements can be determined. If geological observations are required, they can be inserted as soon as the gross site layout has been done, but the main thrust of the second phase it to get people and machines on the ground at each site simultaneously, or in close tandem. At this point, (within 60 to 90 days) Skoshi Tiger and its subcontractors project 5000 to 8000 hires, depending on the scope of the projects, Skoshi Tiger plans retainers and on-call contracts with the majority of the subcontractors.           

1, Layout surveyors;

2. Geologists;

3. Site superintendents;

4. Security teams;

5. Site engineers;

6. Temporary buildings;

7. Portable facilities;

8. Site utility liaisons;

9. Trucking companies;

10. Grading companies;

11. Safety engineers;

12. EMT/health personnel;

13. Site protection companies;

14. Civil engineer teams;

15. environmental impact teams.

Phase Three:

As soon as individual footprints of structure have been set (120 to 180 days), Skoshi Tiger will begin hiring subcontractors for construction. Planning and design of each site need not be completed for the subs to go to work. Under this format, single pieces can get underway while waiting for design work on other parts or structures. In this way, valuable design time can be focused first on crucial construction, second on peripheral construction. In essence, the crews can go to work sooner than later, and, depending on total scope, additional crews can start as primary work proceeds. As the project is currently conceived, Skoshi Tiger and its subcontractors plan to hire 10,000 to 20,000 journeymen, 60,000 to 120,000 apprentice/laborers within the first six months.

1.      Structural engineers;

2.      Secondary superintendents;

3.      On site office staff;

4.      On site accountant/bookkeepers;

5.      Individual supervisors;

6.      Deputy inspectors;

7.      Daycare personnel/teachers;

8.      Subcontractor ombudsman.

The remainder of these hires will be designated subcontractors and their staffs. Additions will be made as need arises.

Phase Four:

This phase will run concurrent with the third phase because, as major construction tails off, finish work such as range installation, roadway construction will commence. These major undertakings will necessitate “in progress” planning and co-ordination. If the in-tandem format is utilized, the number of employed will reach peak levels within 18 months.

As in all construction, there is finish work, and there is f.i.n.i.s.h. work. Preliminary finish work entails glass work, range finish, interior and exterior paint.

Decorators get the project for design phase as soon as the structure plans are printed and finish after everybody else is done.

The end of the fourth phase is move-in for business.


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