Skoshi Tiger, Inc.
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mission statement

New thinking on a national scale

Mission Statement

Skoshi Tiger, Inc., was created on November 3, 2005 as a property development entity which would design and build firearms training facilities for federal sworn officers.

The original concept was presented to Cabinet members as a proficiency maintenance project due to the need for such facilities. Federal employees were repeatedly denied local (police department, sheriffs’ offices) range time. Given the large number of federal sworn officers, who need to qualify in firearms’ proficiency, it was evident that new and dedicated ranges were needed.

The concept was limited to development, design, and construction of individual sites located at geographically convenient sites for accessibility and for maximum range time. The sites included 120 sidearm range stalls, 10 long rifle stalls, one armory, 2 hand to hand combat training rooms, 4 classrooms with audio visual equipment, all in a four story (one story below grade, three stories above grade, roof top training track) building with a parking facility and underground connection between the structures. A helipad was intended on the topmost level of the parking structure. The concept was copyrighted by Lee W. Dodson, CEO of Skoshi Tiger.

The project was originally intended as an infrastructure enhancement function under the auspices of Defense, Homeland Security, Justice, and Treasury. It was limited in scope and was to occupy a five year schedule and ten locations.

After much interaction with federal authorities, Skoshi Tiger, Inc., was asked for a “great dream” as to what could be created if there were a “perfect world” scenario in place.

In response to such a query, the company set about a survey as to what could be a facility that would meet “unimagined criteria.”

In days, Dodson discovered that “emergency preparedness,” not only in the United States, but other countries, as well, was sorely lacking. So, Skoshi Tiger proposed a series of emergency preparedness centers to be co-located at the same sites as the training facilities.

These facilities would be comprised of airstrips, cold and dry storage warehouses, water and fuel storage depots, and medical supply stations, thus trebling the scope of the project. These large scope bases would be augmented by a series of smaller depots which would accelerate the response to any emergency.

The project, under current thinking, is proposed as a ten year project which would employ between 300,000 and 400,000 personnel on a subcontractor basis. Extrapolation of the personnel number to the privately employed sector is expected to reach a six-to-one ratio, or well over 2,000,000 jobs.

Skoshi Tiger’s mission is to produce a quality product which will benefit the hosting country’s population in case of disaster or other calamitous event.

Following pages will outline the modus by which Skoshi Tiger plans to get the job done.

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