Skoshi Tiger, Inc.
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hiring practices

Hiring Practices

Due to current business conditions, Skoshi Tiger has developed a hiring protocol specifically designed to take advantage of an underused employee and subcontractor pool.

STI is decidedly an equal opportunity employer and contractor, but it appears of late that much weight has been given to more youthful applicants. This is practical, but it overlooks what STI considers terrific assets of experience, patience, and historic knowledge which needs to be passed from gray heads to the younger generation.

STI will consider first all applicants with twenty years’, or more, experience. Next, returning veterans, ALL veterans, will be considered, whether as experienced hands or trainees, disabled or not.

The plan is to encourage experienced employees and subcontractors to mentor younger trades people and guide them into career enhancement. The apprenticeship program follows closely, and STI will add contracting weight to any subcontractor who follows these ideas.

STI deliberately seeks single parents for its work force as is clearly demonstrated on the STI Advantages Page.

STI wants to create a work environment so exciting, interesting, and challenging that the people working on the project can’t wait to get to the job.



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