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archiving data

Now is as good a time as any to be thinking about project organization. Check the Forms section of this website where budget forms, referral for bid forms, order of work charts can be found. These come in handy if decently sorted. Keeping records of everything will produce results later. No one can remember every detail.

Keeping a journal of the project from the first day not only assists the memory, but it also helps keep perspective, not to mention that the very effort calms emotions. Calling to mind one of a thousand or so details is difficult at best. Writing things down saves money and relationships.

Keep every receipt.

Mark down mileages.

Photograph everything. Shooting pictures morning and evening provides good insight and valuable records of progress.

In the journal (format provided in Forms section), write down weather conditions, who comes to the job, who doesn’t show up for appointments, what equipment comes on the project. If there is an injury, write a report as soon as possible (while it is still fresh in mind) and be sure to follow up on outcome.

Make it a habit to file at least once a week, preferably more often. Seven days’ records are easily managed, seven weeks’ records are not.  


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