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Contained here in is the approach Lee W. Dodson, CEO of Skoshi Tiger, Inc., a Delaware corporation envisions for staffing the federal training facilities projects known as “To the Contractors, From a Contractor, For the People.”

Let it be understood that this is only a pro forma and that in no way has any of the persons, contractors, or companies mentioned herein been contracted or obliged to serve in any capacity until Skoshi Tiger, Inc. (hereafter referred to as STI) is officially designated and/or contracted to perform as specified in proposal copyrighted January 31, 2006, and presented to federal sources in 2009.

Some individuals and companies have kindly submitted information with the prospect of future employment. Other companies have been researched as potential resources, but will not be approached until action is required to further the goals of the project. Companies not approached are indicated by italics.

In most cases, the companies under consideration will be named and their internet website URLs will be listed below the company names.

Prospective hires will be named and their resumes will be published in an appendix.


Due to the specifically novel approach of STI in pursuing this particular project, various consultants will evolve into direct-hire employees, subcontractors, or suppliers. STI requires a more rapid response than is currently possible because of the fast-start status of the project, therefore hiring requisite personnel or suppliers or subcontractors on a temporary “consulting basis seems adequate for immediate commencement.

By using the consultant pre-hire method, STI can be hiring and preparing within days, if not hours, of work order.

Quality and accuracy will result from personnel being brought on line quickly and efficiently under these guidelines. Additionally, the employment figures can be immediately enhanced on a day-by-day basis as opposed to people waiting to go to work. The prime directive is to get the right people for the right job. A close second is putting people to work.


The idea has been proposed, and now the companies and consultants are needed to flesh the idea out, prepare the details, and provide working blueprints for both the physical structures and the infra-structure of personnel to take the mental picture to actual existence.

Once the real estate has been selected, surveyors’ talents are essential to give the architects and engineers a base from which to work. The survey crews will be hired central to the locations. STI is in touch with survey and engineering firms local to the project sites and will hire from businesses near each project. STI projects one two sites per company to be selected when sites are selected. These companies will not be first on the location.


STI has planned to send real estate agents at the rate of one agent per five to eight sites to gather localized information on suppliers, town or city infrastructure such as medical and police force availability.

STI has begun recruitment of both real estate and construction professionals to reconnoiter the areas to bring back to home office the information necessary to get the job done. Here are a few:

Gary Moore   

Brad Porter    


These people will locate the surveyors, EIR, and soils engineers familiar with each area for a more complete understanding of existing conditions.


When the surveyors have adequately mapped the land, the architects are called in to begin design work. STI has selected two top contenders with high degrees of experience and performance on large scale projects:

McLaren, Wilson, and Lawrie, Inc.

Phoenix AZ

M3 Engineering, Inc.

Tucson AZ

These may not be the only two companies as the scale of the project may grow beyond their capacity. If needed, other architectural firms can be brought in as adjuncts, and other firms with specialty abilities may work subordinate to the prime architect.


Each site will require its own staff of engineers to meet design needs.  STI has designated and selected a master, or supervising, engineer who will be responsible for hiring and the work product of each set of site engineers. Site specific engineers will hire their staffs of one to three engineering support. STI’s choice of Master Engineer is:

Omer Bilge

Los Angeles CA


STI has selected an advanced company for consultation, design and execution of the information technology design of surveillance, qualification recording, light wire information transmission, data processing, and high speed satellite communication:

Andy Salas

The Talking Web

Valencia CA


STI has selected a highly respected company for consultation, design and execution of both interior and exterior firing ranges.

Art Fransen

Super Trap, Inc.

Corona CA


STI has selected a medium sized company to consult and delegate steel reinforcement

for all sites. The owner is highly respected in the field and has relationships throughout the United States

Kristi Toia

Glendale Builders’ Supply


For structural steel consultation, acquisition, and fabrication supervision, STI has selected:

Doug Ross

Hughes Steel

Los Angeles CA



STI is blessed with a wealth of highly qualified professionals in the construction field. Aside from the aforementioned engineering staff on station from the very outset, recently laid off superintendents, assistant-superintendents, bookkeepers, purchasing agents, experienced site administrators are readily available. People who were formerly employed by firms such as Dinwiddie, Swinerton, Turner, and Driver construction companies are actively seeking placement for their highly qualified former employees. In fact, STI has considered entering into quasi-joint ventures with such firms to help alleviate their layoffs’ situations.

Field staff on each site will require at least eight STI direct-employed staff to oversee every phase.

STI will also employ safety engineers and licensed vocational nurses at each location in a move that is advanced over normal construction sites.

In addition, STI plans after-school tutors and ESL teachers for families of workers, a day care facility for families of staff and crews, and a gym that will move into the facility on completion.

These upper level employees can come aboard within days and are open to relocation. One phone call or e-mail blast will bring better-than-qualified people to interviews within a few days.


STI has conducted countless interviews in anticipation of this project and has assembled the beginnings of a very experienced group from all vocations and walks of life. It is the opinion of STI that a highly diverse group of employees brings a wealth of viewpoints and experience to any endeavor. If the leadership is right and open, the results are measurable in the superlatives. Here are but a few of the individuals who meet the qualifications of work product and enthusiasm for a great task:

Heather D. Aitken  

Public Relations

Security Consultant

Charlie Parrish 

Personal Security

Sigrid Keenan 

Inventory Control

April Keenan 

Personal Audit

Kelly-Anne Gates 

Personnel Trouble Shooter

Gary L. Moore  

Human Resources

Patricia Murphy    

Construction Accounting

Nicholas Pecci    

Construction Liaison

Bert Higa   

Transportation Specialist

This staff will necessarily expand as need grows, but these are key personnel who will envision the goal and meet it.


Victor Sapphire

General Counsel

Conolly, Bove, Lodge, and Hutz


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