Skoshi Tiger, Inc.
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STI Advantages

STI Advantages

Skoshi Tiger plans several advantages for any employee or subcontractor working on the project. Feasibility studies are underway, and prospects look good.

 At every major project site for employees and subcontractors and families::

1.      Pre-schooler daycare;

2.      After school study and tutoring;

3.      Gym equipment;

4.      Computer study courses.

5.      On site nurse advice;

6.      Online financial advice;

7.      Trade specific business training courses;

8.      Affordable catastrophic group health insurance;

9.      Group purchasing power for some products;

10.  Prepaid legal assistance insurance program.

STI will be providing specialized training in business strategies, accounting, CAD software, and skills enhancement in a circuit program at every site.

It is STI policy that every person who puts effort into the project is rewarded with the same perks as the executives.

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