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Reflection on the future

This is the time to reflect and to organize thought. The site has been assessed, and though the road ahead seems daunting, it is a good time to carefully think through what the options ahead are.

A few things to consider:

Is exact replacement what is required? After living in a place for anytime over six months, the good points and bad points are already known. Writing down the positives in one column and the negatives in another is an excellent way to begin the planning process.

How about starting completely new? If that’s the choice, this is the perfect time to start thinking about a new design.

Or, is the thought of starting over too much to consider?

Any of the above options requires the accurate information gathered from the first action, but armed with the journal, pictures, the agency or insurance work should go smoothly.

Write down any questions for the agency or insurer wile there’s time to review at leisure.

A few thoughts about dealing with the insurer of disaster agency:

The calmer and more deliberate one is the better. In the first meeting, it is best to answer the questions with assurance. If the answer is not known, don’t guess or estimate. Take a note and tell the interviewer the answer will come by return call. It is best not to volunteer answers or to chat about feelings for the structure. This is business, not therapy or counseling.

If the agent does not satisfy, it is worth a call to the employer to request another person. Ask every question you have at each meeting.

Any records or data or pictures of the existing structure are helpful. The more prepared the records, the easier the process.

Don’t let the process rush. Get names and contact information at every meeting. Enter a recap of each meeting in the journal.

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