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Ready, Set, Go

Everything in construction can be summed up in a few words:


Proper prior planning/preparation prevents poor performance, and it saves money.

The preparation is done. The planning is nearing an end. The sense of satisfaction can overcome most of the sense of loss. Action taken eases that sense.

The job is ready to enter the construction phase. If the contracts are complete, or the consultant is hired, the clean-up is done, the project's end can be forecast. The only thing to be done is to execute.

Use the Forms diligently. Records are as crucial to the project as the actual doing.

Remember to proceed in a linear fashion, but think laterally. Plan each day methodically, and adhere to the plan. Change orders are expensive, so if any change is considered, do it in the Rough phase, but be acutely aware of the long term costs.

When the Rough is finished, settle on it before proceeding to Finish. The contractor or consultant will be very helpful in this area. Rough will be fairly quickly accomplished, Finish is where the details get ironed out. Take the time required to get the Rough right before tackling the Finish.

Finish is normally slower. This phase is where all the work begins to come together, and it can be very enjoyable to see the results of the labor. Stay patient. Never skip ahead.

This can be fun.

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