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Hello and welcome to our site...

We are a group of companies which operate under the banner of Skoshi Tiger, Inc.

Our primary business is developing property for specific uses by governments and their agencies. We design, develop, and build large-scale emergency preparedness facilities for rapid deployment of remedial and disaster services by governmental agencies.

Our original concept grew out of an idea arising from the need for training facilities for sworn federal officers. In the past, the Federal Government employees were "borrowing" local firearms training sites. Of late, federal employees have been denied access due to crowded schedules of local law enforcement. In other words, federal sworn officers had nowhere to qualify which they must do, for safety and for accuracy, at least twice a year.

Given that "shoot" statistics indicate a "hit rate" of twenty percent, it is crucial that training and skill maintenance be honed and refined.

Skoshi Tiger, Inc.,  proposed building firearms training sites exclusively for federally sworn law enforcement. These sites were to be centrally located in order that travel time to and from the facilities would be minimal and convenient for the agents. Ten locations, scattered throughout the continental United States were proposed, based on demographics.

The projects were originally conceived as dedicated to Homeland Security for use by FBI, Air Marshals, Secret Service, ATFE, ICE. and Treasury personnel, anyone in government who required skills updating and performance maintenance.

The idea has been well received. So well received that Skoshi Tiger, Inc., was asked by government sources to create "best case" installation concept that would enhance disaster preparedness which we did, and the project grew into a combination of the original and a jobs program complete with job training and business development strategies.On subsequent pages, the concept is fleshed out, should one care to read.

Click over to the Projects Page to view the process.

In keeping with the service orientation of Skoshi Tiger, Inc., on another side of this website, we have created personal pages for individuals who have suffered the disastrous effects of wildfire, acute weather phenomena like flood. hurricane, tornado.

Contained on the pages is advice and some preparedness education for those who have already been affected by the disaster, basic how-tos for individuals. The step by step process is based on years of experience in rehabilitating property like homes and businesses after a disaster.

It's possible one might have to do the preliminary work without assistance.

Click over to the After the Disaster page to see the information.

Thank you for visiting Skoshi Tiger, Inc., we hope these pages are useful to our readers.


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