Skoshi Tiger, Inc.
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Disaster Recovery

Short of losing a loved one, losing one’s home is the worst thing that ever happens.

Earthquakes, floods, storms, and fires do damage to property that no insurance can fully cover. The physical damage is one thing, but the emotional and spiritual damage is quite another.

The following pages of advice and step by step format are designed to help fix all three types of trauma.

The big deal here is to get moving. Take action, no matter how insignificant it may seem, the mere act of making something happen has healing effects. It says in the Old Testament “Who despises the day of small beginnings?” Just getting going helps body and soul mend.

Contained herein are useful, practical steps based on a linear thinking. These guidelines will help move through the recovery without wasting time on things that will yield no benefit. They minimize extraneous, useless effort.

Skoshi Tiger, Inc., has created a path for the cleanup, and reconstruction, if desired. We have thirty-eight years of experience in these matters, and we know what works effectively, and we know what does not work.

Skoshi Tiger, Inc., is available as a paid consultant, but if the choice is to do the job on one’s own, the following pages will advise as to how to do the job.

The pages will be updated to accommodate feedback and new information and are arranged so you can click directly to the stage desired.

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